Remington Primers #209 Muzzleloading Box of 100


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Remington 700 uml

In each Remington primer is an extraordinarily tight tolerance collection of subcomponents built. The first dimensions are checked to > 0001″ and the priming mix is specifically designed with a wide selection of powder kinds for consistent ignition. Reliability from -20°F to +150°F for the printers has been tested. The unique tryped anvil design produces a wider strike zone with the highest sensitivity, even with pin blows off the center.
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Remington 700 uml

Remington Muzzleloading Primer

Remington 700 uml

Muzzleloaders from RemingtonTM

The company is one of the oldest, continually functioning manufacturers in the nation and was founded in New York in 1816. Remington is the only American producer of both ammunition and firearms and one of the leading domestic producers of rifles and firearms.

Remington Primers # 209 Muzzleloading - 100 Count - Hero Outdoors
With their modified version of the iconic Remington 700, Remington entered the muzzle loaders industry in 2014. The new rifle was groundbreaking, with up to 200 grains of powder being processed and with unique pre-primed ignition boxes. The 700 Remington’s last mushroom loader has stormed the market as planned. Just what one of the oldest and most renowned weapons manufacturers of the country is expected of.


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