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  • Make: MKE
    Model: AP5
    Importer: Century Arms
    Caliber: 9mm
    Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds standard
    Length: 18 inches
    Weight: 5.5 pounds
    MSRP: N/A, but current street price is $1,200
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Product overview on ap5 gun:

The “Apparatus Pistol,” sometimes known as the “Ap5 gun“, is a roller delayed blowback firearm that was based on the original, storied design from the 1970s. For more than 50 years, the roller-lock platform has been regarded as the best design. No other firearm of its kind has been adopted for use on a global scale.

These weapons, which are imported from the MKE factory in Turkey, come in three different sizes: the full-sized model is simply known as the ap5 9mm, the mid-sized version is known as the AP5-P, and the small version is known as the AP5-M. All AP5 rifles have a cold hammer forged barrel with a 1:9.8” twist and are chambered in the 9×19 mm cartridge. Both the AP5 and AP5-P barrels have a 1/2×28 threaded end and a 3-lug fast attachment for attaching suppressors.

Ap5 gun


Let’s take a close look at the MP5 MKE version that Century Arms is now importing. The BS limitations required by 922(r) are bypassed, and foreign component counts are rendered meaningless, by bringing the firearms in as pistols. While a full-size MP5 isn’t the best carry weapon, we have no doubt that the majority of them will be equipped with braces or SBRs so its owners can use the Centruy AP5 to imitate everyone’s favorite holiday film. To do this, the guns are designed without a stock and instead have a cap on the back of the receiver.

The rear sight of the Century Arms AP5 consists of the iconic HK four-position diopter drum, adjustable for windage via a Phillips head screw. Elevation adjustment requires use of a specialist HK-specific tool, because they hate you and you suck.

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The front sight likewise has the tried-and-true ring protector enclosing a replaceable blade, secured by a roll pin. No surprises here, and perfectly serviceable. Included with the gun are a pair of MKE 30-round mags, a cleaning kit, and wonder of wonders, a decent knockoff of a B&T scope base. Although we verified that the irons were zeroed well enough to hit 6-inch steel plates at 50 yards, almost all of our testing was conducted with optical sights.

One of the first things we look for when inspecting an HK clone is weld quality, and in this the Centruy AP5 is workmanlike. The weld securing the cocking tube to the receiver is visible but cleanly executed, and while the receiver to trunnion welds aren’t the best we’ve ever seen, they’re by no means hammered dogsh*t. All metalwork is finished in a semigloss black paint, which is a bit shiny for our tastes but held up in testing, with just a bit of chipping around the magwell.

ap5 gun price

The Ap5 Gun Price now at  $1200

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