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Hornady’s brass cases offers re-loaders excellent uniformity in wall thickness, weight, and internal capacity. The cases allow proper seating of the bullet, not only in the case, but in the chamber as well.


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Products Overview on 450 bushmaster brass

The 450 bushmaster brass was designed as a close range, big bore hunting caliber for the AR-15 platform.   Due to the cartridge popularity, Ruger chambers bolt actions in 450 Bushmaster.  The “Thumper” concept (heavy bullets with a large frontal area) began with Col. Jeff Cooper.  LeMay Firearms used the platform’s 284 Winchester case, created the  45 Professional, and licensed the cartridge to Bushmaster Firearms.  Hornady devolved the ammunition, modified the case to accommodate their SST bullet, and in 2007 changed the name to 450 Bushmaster.  Use .452 diameter bullets in 160 – 350+ grains.



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