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Ammo Marsh was founded by freedom-loving Americans who knew two things: (1) it is every American’s right and responsibility to defend themselves, their family, and their country; and (2) without ammunition, none of that is possible.
With seven children between them, the owners of Ammo Marsh fully understand the responsibility of keeping their families safe. They also understand that simply dialing 911 will not stop an aggressor from doing harm. Our respect and appreciation for law enforcement is absolute, but the fact is, a jacketed lead projectile has a much faster response time than the 10-minute national average response time to a 911 call.
Therefore, it is our goal and our promise to provide the American public access to high-quality ammunition at the lowest possible price with the best customer service they have ever experienced.  Not the best service in the industry, the best period.
As Ammo Marsh has grown over the years, we have been able to create numerous jobs for hard-working Americans in our home state of Ozarks, as well as help many charities and foundations that support our troops, law enforcement, and the shooting sports.  Our plan is to keep growing, keep creating jobs, keep giving, and keep Ammo Marsh strong so that we can deliver the same great products and same great service for decades to come.
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