If you are familiar with hunting, you know the importance of the gun type and the ammo in the game. The rifle may vary depending on the game size. Many such guns have been in the trend, such as model 54 bolt actions rifles, .38-55 and .32-44 Win, 7 mm Rem. Mag models,  etc. However, the medium-bore rifle cartridge .35 Whelen is a much-evolved version of 0.30-06. In addition to its power, this rifle doesn’t require a bolt action or magnum force, making it more widespread. The rifle uses 35 mm ammo giving rise to the name. 


The gun was invented in 1922 by James Howe for games, especially in Africa. It was first produced  on a large scale in 1988 by Remington Arms as the Remington model 700 Classic.  However, history has more to say in this issue that conflicts with the above records. Another popular belief is that the rifle was designed by the commanding officer of the Frankford Arsenal, Colonel Townsend Whelen. However,  in his manual, Townsend Whelen states that the gun was made by Howe and named after Whelen. James Howe asked to call the rifle after the writer. 


There’s nothing exquisite about the rifle’s design; instead, the structure is built to support power and reduce recoil. If you neck up a Springfield case so that the ammo size changes from .308 bullets to .358, you will get .35 Whelen. This design was an important reason for the survival of the rifle, making it a midrange between .30-06 Army cartridges and extravagant magnum cartridges and renaming it as a poor man’s cartridge.


The rifle generates energy in the average range of 3380 foot-pounds to 3480 foot-pounds. That means if you fire a 200-grain bullet, it will zoom past at 2800. 

Bullet Type (in grain) Fired FPS Energy Generated
200 2800 3480
225 2600 3380
250 2500 3470


Here are the critical aspects of the rifle’s performance:

  • Delivers good performance up to even a hundred years
  • Comparably flat trajectory similar to .30-06
  • Mild recoil

For a century, the cartridge has been influential on most of the games except the big three – elephant, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo. Using the cartridge in dangerous games in Africa is not legally allowed, but the sharp nose bullets available could also kill the more prominent animals. 

Why Could .35 Whelen Never Make It to America’s Midstream?

Due to its wildcat origin, the manufacturing of 35 Whelen was restricted to the chambers of the gun makers for many decades. The rifle became a poor man’s magnum but could not make it to more extensive use in the country due to its neither fish nor fowl nature. However, the cartridge could have become more commonly used had there been no constraint on factory-made ammunition. During those days, the ammo was hard to get as they were not legitimately produced in the factories. After Remington standardized the cartridge in 1988, the gun manufacturers started to take an interest in its ammo. Now you can find .35 Whelen ammo in major gun stores.

.35 Whelen Ammo

With the legitimacy, the manufacturing trend of .35 Whelen Ammo grew, and now the brands like Nosler, Remington, Barley, Federal, etc., are catering to it. Among the different types in trend, the 200-grain ammo is the most widely used and subsequently easy to find in the market. Gun manufacturers like Barnes, Federal Premium, and Nosler also make loads of  180 and 225 grains. The ammo has evolved, and some companies manufacture the ones that deliver better performance than the originals. 

Regarding build quality and performance, the .35 Whelen ammo is similar to the .30-06 Springfield and 9.3×62 Mauser. 0.35 Whelen Ammo is essentially similar and a derived version of .30-06. The latter delivers a flatter trajectory, while the trajectory of 0.35 is flatter than that of 9.3 x 62. The 9.3×6.2 delivers a tad higher power than the Whelen. 

Why Ammo Marsh for .35 Whelen Ammo?  

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