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After the end of the Cold War, the US commercial market for weapons and ammunition flourished. Since both firearms and ammo were affordable and easily available, this made 7.62×39 ammo a popular choice among gun owners. A dominant driver in the industrial market is the hordes of shooters who like this calibre and the AK-47.
The 7.62×39 ammo is an excellent option that can impart a significant amount of energy and velocity, making it a primary choice against various animals, including deer, hogs, and black bears. Despite being created for military use, it is still a preferred option for hunters and those who enjoy the big game. In this write-up, we will discuss everything about 7.62×39 ammo, its variants, uses and why it is so popular among gun owners.

Specifications Of The Ammo

The following are the detailed specifications of the 7.62×39 ammo – the multipurpose ammunition.

Overall Length 2.20 in.
Case Length 1.524 in.
Shoulder Angle 17 degrees
Rifling Twist 1:9.45 in.
Bore Diameter .300
Groove Diameter .312
C.I.P. Max. Pressure 355 MPa (51,488 psi)
SAAMI Max. Ave. Pressure 45,000 psi
Primer Type Large Rifle (Rem/UMC brass uses Small Rifle)
Common Bullet Weight 8 grams (122 to 123 gr.)
Tracer Bullet Weight 7.5 grams (117 gr.)
Subsonic Bullet Weight 12.5 grams (193 gr.)


The 7.62×39 ammo comes in multiple variants, they are –


The authentic Soviet M43 bullets are boat-tail 123-grain ammunition with a massive steel core, a big copper-plated steel jacket, and some lead compound sandwiched in between the core and jacket. The actual cartridge consists of a sharply tapered, Berdan-primed (often steel) casing that holds the powder charge and seats the projectile. Due to minimal contact with the chamber walls, until the round is fully seated, the taper makes feeding and retrieving the round exceedingly simple. Because of its taper, the AK-47 has distinctly curved magazines that make it easy to tell it apart from the AK-74, which feeds from a considerably straighter magazine. The only drawback of M43 when compared to 7.62×39 ammo was the lower potential wounding effectiveness of the projectile.

7.62×38mm Dutch

In 1950, West Germany was investigating service cartridges as part of a ballistic study; the government reverse-engineered copies of the 7.62 mm M43 round. Later in 1958, the Dutch firm Nederlandsche Wapen-en Munitiefabriek (NWM) was assigned the task to make the ammunition. In the deal, two different cartridges were made; the first one was a lead-core bullet (Weichkern, or “softcore”) with a gilding-metal jacket. While the other one was an armour-piercing bullet with a sintered iron or steel core and a gilding-metal jacket. All the other specifications remained the same, thus the Dutch variant of 7.62×39 ammo is known as 7.62×38mm Dutch.


In 1960, Yugoslavia designed a new bullet with great velocity, profile and accuracy similar to M43. However, the projectile of the newly created bullet was shorter and flatter than M43, and this was mainly due to the design mistake opted during the manufacturing process. As per NATO standards, the tip was painted black to indicate armour-piercing. The brass cartridge was chosen with the specification “7.62×38mm” as it has a length between 38.36 and 38.7 mm; hence, it is another variant of 7.62×39 ammo.


The typical 7.62×39 ammo is the primary choice among weapon owners due to the following reasons –

Energy And Affordability

Due to the energy, the 7.62×39 ammo can blow a brutal hit on the typical medium game within 150 yards. The .312” diameter bullet is bigger and more impactful than the typical .243” dia ammo with less recoil action. Moreover, ammunition is commonly available and affordable.

Reliability Of The Ammo

The 7.62×39 ammo is widely preferred among gun owners because it is reliable. The steel case of the 7.62 is designed to handle poorly trained hands and muddy and bloody battlefields. Undoubtedly the reputation of the AK47 is due to the reliability of 7.62×39 ammunition.

High Stopping Power

The 7.62×39 ammo has a great stopping power when compared to other munitions. The bullet has the calibre to deliver a heavy, hard-hitting blow to the game or any intruder, putting them within a matter of minutes.

Why Is 7.62×39 Ammo So Popular Among Gun Owners?

The 7.62×39 ammo is often known as the best ammunition because it is an excellent option that is commonly available. Moreover, the versatile uses of the ammunition make it a primary choice among weapon owners. Here are some more use cases of 7.62×39 ammo.

Hunting And Sports

Since the 1990s, the 7.62×39 ammo has been used in hunting arms in the US for game shooting. The ammunition is slightly less potent than the .30-30 Winchester round but has a similar ballistic profile. Due to its high power, the round can deliver a heavy impact against various games, including deer, hogs, and black bears.

Self Defence

The 7.62×39 ammo is an excellent option for self-defence because of its great size and penetration. At a close to medium range, the bullet can enter the depth of the body, helping you defend against the intruder. Moreover, the balanced recoil motion allows you to take controlled shots.

Target Shooting And Competition

For general target shooting and competition, the 7.62×39 ammo is preferred because of its longer range and low recoil action. It is easier to balance the weapon and hit the target with guaranteed accuracy.

The Bottom Line

Due to the multiple use cases, the 7.62×39 ammo is extremely popular among weapon owners. Moreover, the ammunition is easily available, affordable, and has high penetration strength and low recoil action.
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